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Ahegao face

😝 geloíā <Ancient Greek> // 1. laughable, ludicrous, deridable, derisive. ♡⠀

♡ 。 i used to be a very anxious person growing up (๑´•ω • `๑) still am. i was the type who thought everybody was always looking at me and making fun of my mistakes 🌈 so i'd strive to be amazing and, when it wasn't possible, i just gave up and refused to be seen 🙈 this was self-sabotage: the more i tried to be perfect and admired, the more awkward and isolated i became 🍂 。 ♡
♡ 。 the truth is we tend to overestimate how much the sources of our own self-conciousness are actually visible to others 💕 have you ever heard someone point out a "flaw" in themselves (say, a crooked tooth 🦷 or a facial scar ( ̄v ̄メ)) only for you to realize that you never would've noticed if they didn't mention? 🐞 yeah, everybody feels like that sometimes 😌 but some just feel this way more often than others to the point it stops them from living a normal life. it's a mindset that's hard to lose (◞‸ლ) 。 ♡
♡ 。 🎊 it sounds harsh, but finding out that *nobody cares that much about you* is incredibly liberating 🕊 do what you want. no one cares. and if they do, their opinions usually dont matter anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 。 ♡