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Ahegao face

Please read at the end ✌🏻
This page is for Ahegao and poor Cosplay
Of course I don't have good pics or expensive Cosplay stuffs, but I'll improve as I get new stuffs 😻
So sorry if you are into a good sets cuz I can't do it now. (So please don't complain about it, cuz is not easy make good stuffs)

I started sewing again, I have a lot of new projects ♥️♥️ Important, about my time.
I study and work part-time, so I can't answer all DMs or Snaps.
And a lot of guys send me dickpics and ask for nudes, really? Why do you think I need see your dick?

Not least, I created an Onlyf4nZ page for post my L3wds stuffs and received requests for fansign or sets. You also can send tips for help at all my Onlyf4nZ page is totally free for subscription.

I'm really grateful for all your help, thank you for following. ⚠️And the last one, I do drooling Ahegao, so if don't like this, don't need send me messages about it, just unfollow me.
This is my aesthetic Account @a.r.aesthetic
Not a fake one don't worrie
#ahegaogirl #kawaiigirl