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Ahegao face

『 has anyone here tried randonautica? 🎲 that app that claims they can find special locations you can go to based on how you mentally visualize what you wanna find? 🗺️ 』
⠀。・ * it is absolutely nonsense ofc, but i read about it on a fb group and downloaded it out of curiosity, and bc it was 3am and i had nothing to do. i visualized "money" 💰 (don't JUDGE me ok) and it sent me DIRECTLY TO MY DAMN COLLEGE 🏛 。 ♡ ୨୧⠀
⠀。・ * ppl have been claiming it is being used to collect data and/or to sell your location to robbers and murderers so they can hurt you. 👥 idec, maybe the robber is gonna bring me the money from his past jobs amirite? 。 ♡ ୨୧⠀
⠀。・ * also the reviews and frigging hilarious 👑 。 ♡ ୨୧⠀