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Ahegao face

Would you like to poke my cheeks?
šŸ’–šŸ’•āœØ UwU
I could use a lil TLC! I'm so nervous to start Twitch Streaming! I've witnessed all my Gamer Girl friends deal with so much misogyny on the regular. Already I'm experiencing some backlash myself. šŸ¤¦ It's honestly the reason I've procrastinated doing it for so long! Bcuz I'm high key a silly sensitive lil water sign lawl šŸ„ŗ But I find myself becoming a "closet gamer" which is so stupid šŸ˜… So I'm gonna fight that anxiety! I will be starting a count down and will set a date for my first stream! Keep an eye out on my story! And find me on Twitch @devin.meow !
#cheeks #poke #pinkhair #ahegaogirl #animegirl #kawaiigirl #gamergirl