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Ahegao face

My dad saw me editing this and I told him these faces are how I got famous. Well, "famous." #ahegao #ahegaoface #seifuku #glasses #megane #elfears #elf #pinkhair #egirl
Also I'll be revamping my patreon this month after I deliver pre existing rewards to make it more focused on custom sets. Custom sets will start at $50 for one each month and going up from there depending on quantity and lewdness. The $25 tier will have one high quality custom set per month, which will be more creative than the sets I put out currently. I've gotten stuck in this rut of making the same sets every month and since I have to put out more than 4 sets per month I have been valuing quantity over quality. But after I revamp my patreon, my sets will be more artistic, feature more of a story, and will ALL be shot on my camera in HD and will all include a few minutes of video.
I hope you guys are as excited for these changes as I am! And if we reach 15 patrons and stay there for a month, I'll make physical rewards like signed prints and polaroids!